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Ivana Atanasova

Open Source Software Engineer
Ivana Atanasova is an Open Source Software Engineer in VMware's Open Source Program Office, where she has contributed to a variety of projects, including Python-TUF, go-tuf, Sigstore, Tern, CHAOSS' Augur, Network Service Mesh, OpenFaaS and others. Previously, Ivana worked at the Bulgarian Academy of Science as a contractor for the Advanced Computing for Innovation project in Sofia, for generating emotional speech, a key technique towards a natural and realistic conversation between humans and machines. She is an active speaker and has spoken at various events, including KubeCon, Open Source Summit, OpenFest, and served as a member of the KubeCon EU and KubeCon NA Program Committees. When she’s away from her keyboard, Ivana enjoys playing piano, painting, reading, cooking and walking around nature.