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Tuesday, May 21


Kubernetes Security and How to Fix K8s Cluster at Scale - Simon Pearce, SysEleven & Sebastian Scheele, Loodse
As a hosting provider, we have the challenge to run and manage multiple Kubernetes clusters for various customers on our infrastructure, similar to e.g. Google or Azure in a secure way. The majority of these clusters are fully managed by us. Our customers want to build and run containers. Not maintain and upgrade Kubernetes clusters. In this talk, we will give you a breakdown on how we help our customers to secure their clusters and how we can force Kubernetes upgrades to all clusters in a scalable way. We will use the Kubernetes API bug occurred in December as an example to show how we could fix all Kubernetes clusters in a very short time frame. This talk focus on the secure operation of multiple Kubernetes clusters and the requirements a Cloud Provider have to it.

avatar for Sebastian Scheele

Sebastian Scheele

Co-founder and CEO, Loodse
Sebastian Scheele is the CEO and co-founder of Loodse. With Loodse, he wants to empower IT teams to focus on their core expertise: writing groundbreaking applications. Sebastian is passionate about the potential of container and cloud native technologies and has published several... Read More →
avatar for Simon Pearce

Simon Pearce

System Architect, SysEleven
Kubernetes, Clouds, docker, Storage, CI/CD, Nginx, Elasticsearch, web hosting

Tuesday May 21, 2019 11:05 - 11:40
Hall 8.0 B3


Databases on Kubernetes Using a Custom Operator: Day 1, Day 2, and Beyond - Johannes Unterstein, Neo4j
We started the journey of building a managed cloud version of the graph database Neo4j. A bit later we started developing an operator to manage multiple database clusters in k8s.

Handling persistence and Neo4j's own distributed consensus algorithm within k8s gave us a challenge. In this session we want to share the lessons we learned writing this operator and using it in production.

We will start with how to get started using the k8s controller tooling to create an operator to manage a CRD. We go beyond the "day 1" tasks of creating and deleting databases and discuss how we meet "day 2" concerns such as:
- Unit testing our operator using k8s fakes.
- Continuously deploying an operator into a GKE cluster.
- Automatic rolling updates of Neo4j databases with zero downtime and fault tolerance.
- Database administration (backup, restore, password resets etc.) via an operator.

avatar for Johannes Unterstein

Johannes Unterstein

Software Engineer, Neo4j
Johannes (@unterstein) organises the java user group in his home town Kassel, teaches java at the DHBW Stuttgart and works as software engineer at Neo4j. He spent the last few years building distributed and containerised systems with focus on orchestration frameworks. Currently he... Read More →

Tuesday May 21, 2019 11:55 - 12:30
Hall 8.0 B1


Kubernetes the New Research Platform - Lindsey Tulloch, Brock University & Bob Killen, University of Michigan
Academic research institutions are at a precipice. They have historically been constrained to supporting classic “job” style workloads. With the growth of new workflow practices such as streaming data, science gateways, and more “dynamic” research using lambda-like functions, they must now support a variety of workloads.

In this talk, Lindsey and Bob will discuss some difficulties faced by academic institutions and how Kubernetes offers an extensible solution to support the future of research. They will present a selection of projects currently benefiting from Kubernetes enabled tools, like Argo, Kubeflow, and kube-batch. These workflows will be demonstrated using specific examples from two large research institutions: Compute Canada, Canada’s national computation research consortium and the University of Michigan, one of the largest public Universities in the United States.

avatar for Bob Killen

Bob Killen

Research Cloud Administrator, University of Michigan
Bob is a Research Cloud Administrator with the Advanced Research Computing Technology Services (ARC-TS) group at the University of Michigan. He has been with the University for more than 15 years, serving in various capacities within the Health System and ARC-TS. As a CNCF Ambassador... Read More →
avatar for Lindsey Tulloch

Lindsey Tulloch

Student, Brock University
Lindsey is a student at Brock University where she is finishing a BSc in Computer Science and researching potential academic uses for Kubernetes. She previously worked at Red Hat as a software engineering intern where she was part of the multi-cluster team and demoed the federation-v2... Read More →

Tuesday May 21, 2019 14:00 - 14:35
Hall 8.0 F1


Laying the Foundation: Real World Kubernetes Deployment Patterns - Josh Rosso & Craig Tracey, VMware
Enterprise deployments often find themselves gridlocked in debates concerning the "correct" approach for deploying Kubernetes. Should we use immutable images or a complex configuration management solution? What about leveraging one of the managed service offerings? Or even one of the opinionated open source projects? The possibilities are endless but can also be dizzying.

In this talk, Josh and Craig provide an overview of both the successful (and sometimes not so successful) deployment patterns they have encountered across dozens of production Kubernetes users in nearly every industry vertical. They will identify the critical decision making processes that will enable "Day 2" operations, empower stakeholders, and ultimately yield successful Kubernetes outcomes.


Josh Rosso

Staff Field Engineer, VMware
I have spent multiple years working in the field, helping Fortune 500 organizations, with a focus on distributed systems and Kubernetes. I was the first field engineer at CoreOS, worked on OpenShift by way of Red Hat acquisition, joined Heptio to help make pure open source Kubernetes... Read More →

Craig Tracey

Staff Field Engineer, VMware
For the past 20 years, Craig has helped build the infrastructure that powers the Internet. In this time, he has had the opportunity to develop everything from kernel device drivers to massive-scale cloud storage services and even built a few distributed compute platforms in between... Read More →

Tuesday May 21, 2019 14:50 - 15:25
Hall 8.0 B1


Birds of a Feather: Radio Access Network LTE/CBRS Edge - John Studarus, Packet Host
Discussion on deploying and running Kubernetes clusters across micro datacenters supporting edge applications. In specific, we'll be talking about how Packet Host has architected its Kubernetes deployment to support these cell tower collocated clusters. We'll talk briefly about this new ecosystem of ultra-low latency networking via LTE and CBRS (Citizen Broadband Radio Service). We're interested in sharing our experience and then letting the conversation flow to hear how others are adapting to use this new ecosystem.

avatar for John Studarus

John Studarus

Software Architect, JHL Consulting
John merges his interests in computing infrastructure, networking, and software security. His background includes leading product teams, writing prototype code and examining distributed systems at Fortune 500s and startups alike. He brings a rare combination of technical expertise... Read More →

Tuesday May 21, 2019 15:55 - 16:30
Hall 8.0 F1
Wednesday, May 22


How We Used Kubernetes to Host a Capture the Flag (CTF) - Ariel Zelivansky & Liron Levin, Twistlock
CTF competitions are now commonly used for cybersecurity education purposes, and are solved by many enthusiast researchers looking for a challenge. In Twistlock, we decided to host an online CTF competition with unique challenges that required a live, dedicated persistent machine, for each participant. Using Kubernetes, we managed to successfully host the challenge, publicly open, without sacrificing the security of our infrastructure.

We will discuss:
Introduction to the CTF and why we choose to run it on Kubernetes
Attack vectors for giving users untrusted shells to pods
Container isolation technologies such as gvisor and network policies.
Patterns for dynamically scaling pods and routes for new CTF participates

In the end, attendees will learn the security building blocks of Kubernetes, and how it can be used for non conventional purposes such as hosting a one time live challenge.

avatar for Liron Levin

Liron Levin

Chief software architect, Palo alto networks
Liron is the Chief Software Architect at Twistlock, where he focus on scaling, engineering methodologies and security . Before that, he worked as a tech lead at Microsoft on cloud computing and machine learning projects. He is an active contributor to popular open source go projects... Read More →
avatar for Ariel Zelivansky

Ariel Zelivansky

Security Research Team Lead, Palo Alto Networks
Ariel Zelivansky is a security researcher and the head of Twistlock's research team, dealing with hacking and securing anything related to containers.

Wednesday May 22, 2019 11:05 - 11:40
Hall 8.0 F1


The Story of Why We Migrate to gRPC and How We Go About It - Matthias Grüter, Spotify
At Spotify, we have historically built services based on our own proprietary messaging protocol and framework. Last year we finally kicked off the daunting multi-year task of migrating everything to gRPC.

Migrating over 1000 services to gRPC poses interesting challenges, many of them are not only technical in nature: they boil down to questions of engineering culture and leadership at scale: How do you get 200 autonomous engineering teams to align on something as fundamental and cross-cutting as a new RPC framework? How do you roll-out gRPC at scale whit minimal disruption to both the organization and to the end-user?

This presentation will address these questions alongside more technical discussions of advanced gRPC concepts such as interceptors, deadlines, and effective schema management and how they are essential in large distributed systems.

avatar for Matthias Grüter

Matthias Grüter

Engineering Manager, Spotify
Matthias works as an engineering manager in Spotify's infrastructure and operations group.His team is driving the exciting process of transitioning Spotify's backend to cloud-native technologies such as Kubernetes, gRPC and services meshes. As a manager by trade and engineer by heart... Read More →

Wednesday May 22, 2019 11:55 - 12:30
Hall 8.0 B3


Panel Discussion: Democratizing HPC & AI: Startups Scale Up with Cloud Native - Emily Tanaka-Delgado, Oracle; Charlie Davies, iGeolise; Priya Shah, Sauce; Ant Kennedy, Gapsquare; and Alfonso Santiago, ELEM
Innovativeness, resourcefulness, and responsiveness are all part of the startup DNA, and with the aid of the cloud native era and ecosystem, they are unstoppable. Hear how these European startups are leveraging technologies such as Kubernetes, containers, GPUs, Singularity and more to gain efficiencies across architecture, time, and team to reach global scale, reshape user interactions, and even, save lives.

In this panel, startups from Barcelona and the UK will discuss how cloud native technologies have helped unlock access to unlimited potential across such diverse case studies as identifying and fixing gender pay gap issues, creating computational models of virtual patients, reinventing cloud-based video collaboration, and interpreting travel and navigation based on time, all to transform their businesses to match behavioral patterns within their industries.

avatar for Emily Tanaka-Delgado

Emily Tanaka-Delgado

Director of DevRel Engagement, Oracle
Emily Tanaka-Delgado leads cloud native DevRel Engagement at Oracle, where she has trail blazed content and programs designed to enable, enrich, and accelerate end users. She has a long tenure in the tech industry with a heavy concentration in cloud and open source technologies. Before... Read More →

avatar for Ant Kennedy

Ant Kennedy

CTO, Gapsquare
Ant Kennedy is currently CTO at Gapsquare where he is currently focusing on growing the engineering team, establishing best practice in the processes being used, the future architecture and growing Gapsquare's AI/ML capabilities. Previously he has worked at JustEat, Adarga and Boeing... Read More →
avatar for Priya Shah

Priya Shah

Co-Founder, Sauce
Priya is the Co-founder and CMO of Sauce, the video creation platform that enables businesses to collaborate and co-create with their global communities of employees, customers and fans. Priya and her Co-founders developed Sauce when they discovered the huge barriers that brands were... Read More →

Charlie Davies

CTO and Co-Founder, iGeolise
Charlie Davies is the co-founder and CTO of iGeolise, a location-based software company based in London. Charlie began iGeolise when he noticed that all map data was searched by distance (miles radius), but everyone around him discussed travel using time (minutes). iGeolise developed... Read More →
avatar for Alfonso Santiago

Alfonso Santiago

R&D Engineer, ELEM Biotech
Alfonso Santiago is a Biomedical Engineer that is helping to develop a computational tool to model and simulate the heart. With this tool, device manufacturers -and in a future clinicians- can reproduce a patient's pathology and treatment to aid the design of the devices and optimise... Read More →

Wednesday May 22, 2019 14:00 - 14:35
Hall 8.0 F1


Deconstructing Apache Hadoop: A Dialogue About a Cloud-Native Refactor - Anu Engineer & Marton Elek, Cloudera
Many existing applications like the Big Data stack is in a community debate over moving to K8s. They see it as the future, but there are lots of unknowns and complex problems to solve. This is a dialogue between two developers who are exploring and trying to finding the true path to becoming Cloud Native.

In this talk, we will discuss in detail our experiences and issues that we have faced in moving the Hadoop Object store Ozone as a Cloud native storage solution that runs on top of K8s.

We will take a deep dive into the advantages and challenges that we faced during this journey — having a cluster manager like K8s allows us to move away from managing physical details and instead focus on the storage part. Some of the challenges were things like security and how we tackle that.

avatar for Marton Elek

Marton Elek

Engineer, Cloudera
Marton Elek is am Open Source Engineer at Cloudera. He is an Apache committer in Apache Hadoop project and PMC member of Apache Ratis. He has an experimental containerization project for Hadoop, Spark and other bigdata components which includes docker containers, and configuration... Read More →

Anu Engineer

Principal Software Engineer, Cloudera
Anu Engineer is a Principal Software Engineer at Cloudera. He is a PMC member of Apache Hadoop and Ratis projects. He is one of the core contributors of Apache Hadoop Ozone. He was part of the original Windows Azure team, principal author of VMware Certificate Authority.

Wednesday May 22, 2019 14:50 - 15:25
Hall 8.0 F1


Building Cloud Native GDPR Friendly Systems for Data Collection - Zsolt Homorodi, VTT
For organizations collecting EU users’ data, the General Data Protection Regulation presents considerable challenges. Data must be anonymized and only essential data can be collected. Users must be able to see, download, and delete their data. Setting up the infrastructure to meet GDPR compliance is complicated and time consuming, particularly for resource constrained teams. In this talk, Zsolt Homorodi from VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland) will explain how he created a reproducible GDPR compliant lightweight data collection and processing infrastructure that is based on Kubernetes and other Cloud Native technologies. Zsolt will show how he combines Linkerd 2.0, Pulumi, Contour, Prometheus, Grafana, Argo, gRPC and other tools to architect reliable, predictable, observable and reproducible environments for data collection and processing that comply with GDPR.

avatar for Zsolt Homorodi

Zsolt Homorodi

Senior specialist, IT, VTT
I work at VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland) as a Senior Specialist (IT). My main role is to support the data scientists in my team: taking care of all the server development and DevOps needs of our projects. For the last 2.5 years I mainly work on a data collection application... Read More →

Wednesday May 22, 2019 15:55 - 16:30
Hall 8.0 F1


Panel Discussion: Leveraging Cloud Native Technology to Transform Your Enterprise - Cheryl Hung, CNCF; Brad Topol, IBM; Ken Owens, Mastercard; & Jeff Brewer, Intuit
Cloud Native Technologies are experiencing dramatic growth and achieving widespread support as the de facto standard platform across a variety of industries.  Kubernetes, containers, and related cloud-native technologies and tools have the potential to dramatically transform the enterprise.  From enabling enterprises to modernize legacy applications, to automated DevOps release pipelines, to automated failure recovery and improved testing methodologies, the list of innovative development and operational practices emerging based on cloud native technologies is amazing and a tremendous opportunity for enterprises.
This panel will bring together stakeholders from enterprise IT & open src cloud vendors to discuss how the various facets of cloud native technologies can dramatically transform the enterprise. Panelists will discuss the key innovations that are emerging from cloud native technologies to drive more efficient development and improved standardized operational practices to accelerate the digital transformation and modernization of the enterprise.

avatar for Cheryl Hung

Cheryl Hung

Director of Ecosystem, Linux Foundation
Cheryl Hung is Director of Ecosystem at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, where she drives adoption of cloud native infrastructure. As a non-profit under the Linux Foundation, the CNCF hosts open source projects including Kubernetes, Prometheus and Envoy.She founded the 5000... Read More →


Jeff Brewer

Vice President, Chief Architect of the Small Business and Self Employed Group, Intuit
Jeff is Vice President, Chief Architect of the Small Business and Self Employed Group at Intuit. This group is responsible for QuickBooks and its ecosystem. As Vice President, Chief Architect of QuickBooks, Jeff is responsible for the technology strategy of the small business and... Read More →
avatar for Brad Topol

Brad Topol

Distinguished Engineer, IBM
Dr. Brad Topol is an IBM Distinguished Engineer leading efforts focused on Open Technologies and Developer Advocacy. In his current role, Brad leads a development team focused on contributing to and improving Kubernetes. Brad is a Kubernetes contributor, serves as a member of the... Read More →
avatar for Ken Owens

Ken Owens

Vice President, Digital Native Architecture, Mastercard
Ken Owens is the Vice President for Digital Native Architecture at Mastercard. He was previously the CTO of Cloud Native Platforms at Cisco, where he was responsible for creating and communicating technical/scientific vision and strategy for Cisco’s cloud native technologies. He... Read More →

Wednesday May 22, 2019 15:55 - 16:30
Hall 8.0 E9


10 Ways to Shoot Yourself in the Foot with Kubernetes, #9 Will Surprise You - Laurent Bernaille & Robert Boll, Datadog
Kubernetes is a very powerful and complicated system, and many users don’t understand the underlying systems. Come learn how your users can abuse container runtimes, overwhelm your control plane, and cause outages - it’s actually quite easy!

In the last year, we have containerized hundreds of applications and deployed them in large scale clusters (more than 1000 nodes). The journey was eventful and we learned a lot along the way. We’ll share stories of our ten favorite Kubernetes foot guns, including the dangers of cargo culting, rolling updates gone wrong, the pitfalls of initContainers, and nightmarish daemonset upgrades. The talk will present solutions we adopted to avoid or work around some these problems and will finally show several improvements we plan deploy in the future.


Laurent Bernaille

Staff Engineer, Datadog
Laurent Bernaille worked several years as a consultant specialized in cloud, containers, and automation and helped organizations migrate to the public cloud, adopt containers and improve their deployment pipelines. He is now Staff Engineer at Datadog and works in the Compute team... Read More →

Robert Boll

Engineering Manager, Runtime Platforms, Datadog
Rob is a software engineer with a keen interest in cloud infrastructure and delivery. He is currently an Engineering Manager at Datadog, working on the infrastructure platform and scaling global compute infrastructure built on Kubernetes.

Wednesday May 22, 2019 16:45 - 17:20
Hall 8.0 A1
Thursday, May 23


Running Kubernetes on Ephemeral Infrastructure - Greg DeArment & Vlad Ungureanu, Palantir Technologies
Palantir runs millions of Kubernetes pods on thousands of nodes to power data platforms that, in turn, power the world's most important institutions. Palantir's infrastructure engineering team decided early in their Kubernetes journey to make infrastructure failure a feature of the deployment systems: every node gets destroyed and rebuilt every 48 hours, thus turning extraordinary events into daily routine. In this talk, Greg and Vlad present the reasoning behind implementing an ephemeral Kubernetes infrastructure, discuss the consequences for application architecture, and sketch solutions to the problems encountered along the way.


Greg DeArment

Head of Infrastructure, Palantir Technologies
Greg is responsible for building the systems used to run, manage, and monitor Palantir's Foundry and Gotham platforms. This includes managed cloud hosting environments, configuration, and continuous integration / continuous deployment (CI/CD) and telemetry infrastructure. Over the... Read More →
avatar for Vlad Ungureanu

Vlad Ungureanu

Tech Lead, Deployment Infrastructure, Palantir Technologies
as Tech Lead, Vlad is responsible for Palantir's product Kubernetes infrastructure. His main focus areas are node lifecycle, network infrastructure, and the container runtime. Before that, Vlad was a tech lead on Palantir's Developer Tools team where he helped increase developer productivity... Read More →

Thursday May 23, 2019 11:05 - 11:40
Hall 8.0 F1


Scaling Edge Operations at Onefootball with Ambassador: From 0 to 6000 rps - Jonathan Juares Beber & Rodrigo Del Monte, Onefootball GmbH
Onefootball is a media company with more than 10M monthly active users delivering more than 10 TB daily content. We needed a Kubernetes-based API Gateway and Ingress solution that could handle our 6,000 rps workload reliably and efficiently.

In this session, we'll talk about why we chose the open source Ambassador API gateway, and how we made the migration to it.
We will cover the challenges identified and the benefits we've seen, like:

Cost reduction: Reduced the number of cloud-based load balancers from >100 to 4.

Observability: The combination of Ambassador and Prometheus' capabilities to empower our small SRE team.

Maintainability: We took advantage of Ambassador's Kubernetes declarative configuration, and we were able to decouple the cluster settings and applications' delivery process allowing more velocity on the shipment of new features.

avatar for Jonathan Juares Beber

Jonathan Juares Beber

SRE, Onefootball GmbH
Jonathan Beber is SRE at Onefootball. Over the past years, he worked with cloud-native environments at many companies helping them to achieve always the balance between agility and stability. His studies are focused on distributed and scalable systems. He's always trying to help the... Read More →
avatar for Rodrigo Del Monte

Rodrigo Del Monte

SRE, Onefootball GmbH
Rodrigo Vieira Del Monte is SRE Engineer at Onefootball. Over the past 10 years, he has been involved in implement open-source tools in government, consultancy and fintechs companies in Brazil. Always willing to build environments cost-effective and straightforward for small teams... Read More →

Thursday May 23, 2019 11:55 - 12:30
Hall 8.0 F1


Panel Discussion: Going Multi-Cloud for Realz. Stories From Media, Retail, & Infrastructure - Lisa-Marie Namphy, Portworx; Eric Han, Portworx; Umair Mufti, DreamWorks Animation; Allan Naim, Google; and Joseph Sandoval, Adobe
Multi-cloud is a long-term strategy for how enterprises source infrastructure that also informs a practical approach for running across disjoint, hybrid environments. Being able to move deliver entire applications into any infrastructure requires both a mind-shift in operations and new set of tooling. It can be hard for teams to decide how to approach multi-cloud workflows, and operationalize, and push their infrastructure providers as organizations move to a multi-cloud world. This panel brings together practitioners and infrastructure providers who have built this multi-cloud world and will offer their perspective.

As a panel, we will cover:
--How multi-cloud changes the development process
--What gains can teams expect in the early days of multi-cloud (and how to achieve them)
--What kinds of workloads are being moved
--What are the best successes and worst horror stories

avatar for Lisa-Marie Namphy

Lisa-Marie Namphy

K8s user community manager / moderator, Portworx
Lisa organizes and runs the SF Bay Cloud Native Open Infra User Group (currently the world’s largest CNCF user group), personally hosting the bi-weekly meetup for the past 5 years. Lisa has been a long time contributor, advocate (and fan) of open source. In her “day job” Lisa... Read More →

avatar for Joseph Sandoval

Joseph Sandoval

SRE Manager Infrastructure, Adobe
Joseph Sandoval is the SRE Manager for Adobe Advertising Infra platform. His team is responsible for running the infrastructure which supports global advertising customers at hyper-scale. He is also active in Open Source communities and helping others become contributors. Joseph... Read More →
avatar for Allan Naim

Allan Naim

Senior Manager, Google
Allan is a seasoned veteran for public cloud. At Google, Allan is a Sr. Manager within the Google Kubernetes Engine Product Management team focussed on Google Cloud's Open Services platform, enabling Enterprise teams to build modern cloud native architectures. Prior to Google, Allan... Read More →
avatar for Eric Han

Eric Han

Product Manager, Portworx
Eric Han heads Product Management at Portworx, a startup focused on cloud-native data management. Portworx has been a leader in Kubernetes SIGs, and co-led the design and implementation of the Container Storage Interface (CSI). Previously he was the co-founder of the Google Container... Read More →
avatar for Umair Mufti

Umair Mufti

Data Services Manager, DreamWorks Animation
Umair is the Manager of Data Services for DreamWorks Animation. In that role, he overseas the deployment and administration of all databases required at the Studio. A particular focus for Umair is running a lean operation which has allowed his team of 6 to administer over 400 database... Read More →

Thursday May 23, 2019 14:00 - 14:35
Hall 8.0 F1


Embracing Upstream Kubernetes in Web Scale Organization - Lei Zhang, Alibaba & Jun Chen, Ant Financial
How does a web-scale organization meet the demands of performance & scalability without forking Kubernetes while still offering a fully integrated and secure offering?

Actually, for any large scale organization or public cloud, we believe the problems we share are the similar: Should I maintain a swarm of small clusters or a single "monster"? What would be the challenge when I scale the cluster to 1k nodes or more? How to fix issues or add features without breaking Kubernetes code? How often the cluster would be upgraded? And how to make engineers think in a “Kubernetes Native” way?

In this talk, we will share some experience & lessons we learnt from applying upstream Kubernetes in Alibaba ecosystem. We will list every challenge we faced, and the "upstream native" practice we fixed it. We will share our unique way of upgrading our Kubernetes with keeping pace of upstream as well.

avatar for Jun Chen

Jun Chen

Senior Software Engineer, Ant Financial
Jun Chen is a Senior Software Engineer of Ant Financial, an affiliate company of Alibaba. He mainly works on core components and extension plugins of Kubernetes and also designed an automated testing and CI/CD system to meet the needs of delivering Kubernetes agilely and reliably... Read More →
avatar for Lei Zhang

Lei Zhang

Staff Engineer, Alibaba
Lei is a co-maintainer of Kubernetes community, and co-chair of CNCF App Delivery SIG. Lei is co-leading engineering effort in Alibaba including Kubernetes and large-scale cluster management system. Before it, Lei worked for Hyper_ and Microsoft Research (MSR). Lei is a popular speaker... Read More →

Thursday May 23, 2019 14:50 - 15:25
Hall 8.0 F1


Democratizing MySQL: From Cloud Managed to Kubernetes Managed - Sachin Manpathak, Platform9 & Flavius Mecea, Presslabs SRL
Platform9, like many startups used public cloud based MySQL service as backend to quickly get started. But as their customer base grew, the public cloud costs became significant. Their goal for this project was ambitious - they wanted to run their own MySQL as a service without any in-house MySQL expertise. They also wished the model to scale well, achievable with a small team.

Learn how Platform9 has reached their goal by using a highly flexible open-source MySQL Operator, written by Presslabs—a startup that aims at democratizing the WordPress hosting infrastructure by using Kubernetes and other open technologies.

This is a back-to-back combo talk featuring 2 people who know the MySQL Operator better than anyone, but differently: the original builder & its heaviest user.

avatar for Sachin Manpathak

Sachin Manpathak

Technical Lead, Platform9
Sachin is a Kubernetes Tech Lead at Platform9. After graduating from UT, Austin he started his career coding tools for making VM management easier @VMware. He then moved on to simplifying Openstack delivered as a service for @Platform9. These days, he is muddying up the Kubernetes... Read More →
avatar for Flavius Mecea

Flavius Mecea

Software Engineer, Presslabs
Flavius Mecea is a software and operations engineer at Presslabs. A vivid builder and avid reader, Flavius is always up to something—exploring untapped possibilities using Kubernetes & Go, mentoring students into the secrets of algorithms and DevOps or playing with hardware and... Read More →

Thursday May 23, 2019 15:55 - 16:30
Hall 8.0 F1


Delivering TV Everywhere with Cloud Native Solutions - Arnaud Caron & Jerome Champetier, Mediakind
Traditional TV players are facing huge challenges from the rapid growth of emerging video services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube TV.

TV service providers must modernize and accelerate their operations, moving from dedicated hardware in datacenter to embracing hybrid cloud technologies, DevOps and orchestration, while considering cloud frameworks constraints which aren’t natively designed for real-time media - and issues such as high processing & storage performance, network (latency, bandwidth, multicast), high availability and reliability.

We will present our journey since 2015, showcasing how our architecture migration to microservices / containers / Kubernetes & Helm helped to lay the foundations for our global development team. We will share our architectural designs and explain how we overcame challenges such as K8s deployments, CNI, monitoring and packaging with Helm.

avatar for Arnaud Caron

Arnaud Caron

Cloud Transformation Portfolio Manager, Mediakind
Arnaud Caron is responsible for defining the architecture transition of the MediaKind portfolio to components in line with the microservices and cloud accelerating Media Innovation and enabling orchestration for operations. Caron joined Ericsson through the acquisition of Envivio... Read More →
avatar for Jerome Champetier

Jerome Champetier

Senior Technology Architect, Mediakind
Jerome is Senior Technology Architect, Media Processing & Delivery at MediaKind where he is working on shaping next generation media processing products and solutions. He focuses on the new technology required to deliver the best quality of experience for streaming media. Prior to... Read More →

Thursday May 23, 2019 16:45 - 17:20
Hall 8.0 F1