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Thursday, May 23

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You Might Just be a Functional Programmer Now - Cornelia Davis, Pivotal Hall 8.0 A1 Running Kubernetes on Ephemeral Infrastructure - Greg DeArment & Vlad Ungureanu, Palantir Technologies Hall 8.0 F1 Testing your K8s apps with KIND - Benjamin Elder, Google & James Munnelly, Jetstack.io Hall 8.0 B3 State of Kubernetes Contributor Community - Paris Pittman, Google Hall 8.0 D2 Production GPU Cluster with K8s for AI and DL Workloads - Madhukar Korupolu, NVIDIA Hall 8.0 C1 Deep Dive: Cluster Lifecycle SIG (Cluster API) - Jason DeTiberus, VMware & Hardik Dodiya, SAP Hall 8.0 E1 Deep Dive: Envoy - Lizan Zhou, Tetrate Hall 8.1 G2 Autoscaling Multi-Cluster Observability with Thanos and Linkerd - Andrew Seigner, Buoyant & Frederic Branczyk, Red Hat Hall 8.0 C4 Running eBay’s High-Performance Workloads with Kubernetes - Xin Ma, eBay Hall 8.0 F5 Tailor-Made Security: Building a Kubernetes Specific Hypervisor - Samuel Ortiz, Intel & Andreea Florescu, Amazon Hall 8.0 C2 DIY Pen-Testing for Your Kubernetes Cluster - Liz Rice, Aqua Security Hall 8.0 B1 Ouch! What I Learned From Being Hit by a Serverless, Ruby Boomerang! - Ewan Slater, Oracle Hall 8.1 G1 5 Simple Steps To Simplifying Your Compliance Journey With a Service Mesh – Granville Schmidt, Aspen Mesh Hall 8.0 F3 Intro + Deep Dive BoF: Telecom User Group and Cloud Native Network Functions (CNF) Testbed - Taylor Carpenter, Vulk Coop; Cheryl Hung & Dan Kohn, CNCF Hall 8.0 E5 Intro + Deep Dive: Apps SIG - Adnan Abdulhussein, Bitnami Hall 8.0 E4 Intro + Deep Dive: IBMCloud SIG - Sahdev P. Zala, Khalid Ahmed, Brad Topol & Nimesh Bhatia, IBM CC8.27–28 Intro + Deep Dive: Kubernetes Policy WG - Zhipeng Huang, Huawei & Erica Von Buelow, Red Hat Hall 8.0 E9 Intro + Deep Dive: Kubernetes Storage SIG - Saad Ali, Google CC7.1 Intro + Deep Dive: OpenStack SIG - Chris Hoge, OpenStack Foundation & Aditi Sharma, NEC Technologies India Hall 8.1 G3 Intro + Deep Dive: Prometheus - Julius Volz, Prometheus & Richard Hartmann, SpaceNet Hall 8.0 D4

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Helm 3: Navigating To Distant Shores - Bridget Kromhout & Jessica Deen, Microsoft Hall 8.0 A1 Panel Discussion: Going Multi-Cloud for Realz. Stories From Media, Retail, & Infrastructure - Lisa-Marie Namphy, Portworx; Eric Han, Portworx; Umair Mufti, DreamWorks Animation; Allan Naim, Google; and Joseph Sandoval... Hall 8.0 F1 Modern CI/CD with Tekton and Prow Automated via Jenkins X - James Rawlings, Cloudbees & Christie Wilson, Google Hall 8.0 B3 Panel Discussion: Metrics that Matter: How to Forge More Diverse, Inclusive Communities - Sarah Conway, Linux Foundation; Daniel Izquierdo, Bitergia; and Nicole Huesman, Intel Hall 8.0 D2 Moving People and Products with Machine Learning on Kubeflow - Jeremy Lewi, Google & Willem Pienaar, GO-JEK Hall 8.0 C1 Deep Dive: Auth SIG - Mo Khan & Matt Rogers, Red Hat CC8.27–28 Deep Dive: Azure SIG - Stephen Augustus, VMware & Lachlan Evenson, Microsoft CC7.1 Deep Dive: Kubernetes (UI) SIG - Jeffrey Sica, University of Michigan & Sebastian Floreks, Loodse Hall 8.0 E1 Deep Dive: Linkerd - Oliver Gould, Buoyant Hall 8.1 G2 Deploy, Scale and Extend Jaeger - Louis-Etienne Dorval, Ticketmaster Hall 8.0 C4 Kubernetes Scalability Definition Evolution - Wojciech Tyczynski & Andrzej Wasylkowski, Google Hall 8.0 F5 Let's Try Every CRI Runtime Available for Kubernetes. No, Really! - Phil Estes, IBM Hall 8.0 C2 Securing Multi-Cloud Cross-Cluster Communication with SPIFFE and SPIRE - Evan Gilman, Scytale, Inc. Hall 8.0 B1 How LivePerson is Tailoring its Conversational Platform Using OpenFaaS - Simon Pelczer, LivePerson & Ivana Yovcheva, VMware Hall 8.1 G1 Storage Provisioning for Kubernetes on Windows - Anusha Ragunathan & Jean Rouge, Docker Hall 8.0 F3 Intro + Deep Dive: Jaeger - Juraci Paixão Kröhling, Red Hat & Prithvi Raj, Uber Hall 8.0 E5 Intro + Deep Dive: Kubernetes IoT Edge WG - Steven Wong, VMware, Dejan Bosanac, Red Hat, & Kilton Hopkins, Edgeworx Hall 8.0 E9 Intro + Deep Dive: Serverless WG - Scott Nichols, Google & Doug Davis, IBM Hall 8.1 G3 Intro + Deep Dive: Windows SIG - Michael Michael, VMware & Patrick Lang, Microsoft Hall 8.0 E4

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Building and Maintaining a Client Library - Stories From the Trenches - Jussi Nummelin, Kontena Inc. Hall 8.1 G1 Democratizing MySQL: From Cloud Managed to Kubernetes Managed - Sachin Manpathak, Platform9 & Flavius Mecea, Presslabs SRL Hall 8.0 F1 Peribolos: How Kubernetes Uses GitOps to Manage GitHub Communities at Scale - Christoph Blecker, Red Hat & Erick Fejta, Google Hall 8.0 B3 What Goes in a Release: Kubernetes 1.14 in Code, Conversations, and Hearts - Maria Ntalla, Pivotal Hall 8.0 D2 Scaling and Securing Spark on Kubernetes at Bloomberg - Ilan Filonenko, Bloomberg Hall 8.0 C1 Deep Dive: Autoscaling SIG - Aleksandra Malinowska & Slawomir Chylek, Google Hall 8.0 E1 Deep Dive: KubeEdge – Cindy Xing, Futurewei Hall 8.1 G2 Monitoring Service Architecture and Health with BPF - Jonathan Perry, Flowmill, Inc. Hall 8.0 C4 Latest Kubernetes Scalability Improvements - Shyam Jeedigunta, Amazon & Yassine Tijani, VMware Hall 8.0 F5 Reenforce Kubernetes Image Isolation in Multi-Tenant Service - Eric Lin, Alibaba Hall 8.0 C2 Secrets Store CSI Driver-Bring Your Own Enterprise Secrets Store to K8s - Rita Zhang, Microsoft & Anubhav Mishra, HashiCorp Hall 8.0 B1 Istio on Knative Lessons Learned: How Istio is Fit for Serverless Platform - Ying Chun Guo & Iris Ding, IBM Hall 8.0 A1 Networking the Service Mesh Proxy: Where We Are, Where We’re Going - Tim Swanson & John Joyce, Cisco Hall 8.0 F3 Intro + Deep Dive: containerd - Wei Fu, Alibaba & Mike Brown, IBM Hall 8.0 E4 Intro + Deep Dive: Kubernetes (Docs) SIG - Zach Corleissen, Linux Foundation & Rael Garcia, CAPSiDE Hall 8.1 G3 Intro + Deep Dive: Kubernetes (Network) SIG - Tim Hockin, Google Hall 8.0 E5 Intro + Deep Dive: Kubernetes Conformance WG - Dan Kohn, CNCF; Hippie Hacker, ii.coop; William Denniss & Aaron Crickenberger, Google CC8.27–28 Intro + Deep Dive: Multicluster SIG - Irfan Ur Rehman, Huawei & Maru Newby, Red Hat CC7.1

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Microservices for the Masses – Integrating a Distributed OS with Kubernetes - Quinton Hoole, Futurewei & Irene Zhang, Microsoft Research & University of Washington Hall 8.0 C4 Delivering TV Everywhere with Cloud Native Solutions - Arnaud Caron & Jerome Champetier, Mediakind Hall 8.0 F1 How Does Google Release Kubernetes in GKE - Kobi Magnezi & Josh Hoak, Google Hall 8.0 A1 Panel Discussion: Care and Feeding: Burnout and Self Care in our Community - Aaron Crickenberger, Google; Rithu Leena, Lyft; Ashley McNamara, Microsoft; Stephen Augustus, VMware; and Noah Kantrowitz, Ridecell Hall 8.0 D2 GPU Sharing for Machine Learning Workload on Kubernetes - Henry Zhang & Yang Yu, VMware Hall 8.0 C1 Deep Dive: API Machinery SIG - David Eads, Red Hat & Daniel Smith, Google Hall 8.0 E9 Deep Dive: Helm - Matt Fisher & Adam Reese, Microsoft Hall 8.0 D4 Deep Dive: Scheduling SIG - Babak Salamat, Google Hall 8.0 E1 Fool-Proof Kubernetes Dashboards for Sleep-Deprived Oncalls - David Kaltschmidt, Grafana Labs Hall 8.0 B1 Kubernetes Networking at Scale - Laurent Bernaille, Datadog & Bowei Du, Google Hall 8.0 B3 Kubernetes Networking: How to Write a CNI Plugin From Scratch - Eran Yanay, Twistlock Hall 8.0 C2 Uber x Security: Why and How We Built Our Workload Identity Platform - Tyler Julian, Uber & Daniel Feldman, Scytale Hall 8.0 F5 Delivering Serverless Experience on Kubernetes: Beyond Web Applications - Alex Glikson, Carnegie Mellon University Hall 8.1 G1 Cross-Cluster Calls Made Easy with Istio 1.1 - Matt Turner, Tetrate Hall 8.0 F3

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