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Wednesday, May 22

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Create Visually Compelling Developer Experiences for Kubernetes on VS Code - Ivan Towlson & Ralph Squillace, Microsoft Hall 8.0 B3 How We Used Kubernetes to Host a Capture the Flag (CTF) - Ariel Zelivansky & Liron Levin, Twistlock Hall 8.0 F1 Navigating the Cloud Native Community for End Users - Cheryl Hung, CNCF Hall 8.0 D4 OpenAPI Specs – Towards Native User Experience of CRDs - Stefan Schimanski, Red Hat Hall 8.1 G1 GPU Machine Learning From Laptop to Cloud - Mark Puddick, Pivotal Hall 8.0 C2 Deep Dive: CNCF CI - Lucina Stricko & Denver Williams, Vulk Coop & CNCF Hall 8.0 E4 Deep Dive: CNCF Security SIG – Justin Cappos, New York University & Zhipeng Huang, Huawei CC7.1 Deep Dive: Kubernetes (Release) SIG - Tim Pepper & Stephen Augustus, VMware Hall 8.0 E9 Deep Dive: Open Policy Agent - Torin Sandall & Tim Hinrichs, Styra Hall 8.1 G3 Intro: Auth SIG - Mo Khan, Red Hat & Mike Danese, Google CC8.27–28 Intro: Envoy - Lizan Zhou, Tetrate Hall 8.0 E5 Intro: Vitess - Sugu Sougoumarane & Deepthi Sigireddi, PlanetScale Hall 8.0 E1 Building HA Multi-Cloud Clusters Using WireGuard as a Network Overlay - Lucas Servén Marín, Red Hat Hall 8.0 F3 M3 and Prometheus, Monitoring at Planet Scale for Everyone - Rob Skillington, Uber Hall 8.0 A1 Restart-Free Vertical Scaling for Kubernetes Pods - Vinay Kulkarni, Futurewei Hall 8.0 C1 Zero Trust Service Mesh with Calico, SPIRE, and Envoy - Shaun Crampton, Tigera & Evan Gilman, Scytale Hall 8.0 B1 Accelerating the Journey of an AI Algorithm to Production with OpenFaaS - Joost Noppen, BT PLC & Alex Ellis, OpenFaaS Ltd Hall 8.0 F5 JustFootball’s Journey to gRPC + Linkerd in Production - Ben Lambert, JustFootball & Kevin Lingerfelt, Buoyant Hall 8.0 C4 Data Without Borders - Using Rook Storage Orchestration at a Global Scale - Jared Watts, Upbound Hall 8.0 D2 Intro + Deep Dive: CNCF Storage WG - Alex Chircop, StorageOS Hall 8.1 G2

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Build a Kubernetes Based Cloud Native Storage Solution From Scratch - Sheng Yang, Rancher Labs Hall 8.1 G1 The Story of Why We Migrate to gRPC and How We Go About It - Matthias Grüter, Spotify Hall 8.0 B3 Merging Quickly in a Cloud Native World - Lucas Roesler, Contiamo Hall 8.0 D4 Resize Your Pods w/o Disruptions aka How to Have a Cake and Eat a Cake - Karol Gołąb & Beata Skiba, Google Hall 8.0 F3 Towards Kubeflow 1.0, Bringing a Cloud Native Platform For ML to Kubernetes - David Aronchick, Microsoft & Jeremy Lewi, Google Hall 8.0 F1 Deep Dive: CNCF Serverless WG/CloudEvents - Clemens Vasters, Microsoft & Vlad Ionescu, Independent Hall 8.0 E4 Deep Dive: Falco - Michael Ducy, Sysdig Hall 8.0 E5 Deep Dive: Kubernetes Architecture SIG - Timothy St. Clair, VMware Hall 8.0 E9 Deep Dive: Network Service Mesh (NSM) - Nikolay Nikolaev, VMware & Frederick Kautz, Doc.ai CC7.1 Deep Dive: Rook - Jared Watts & Bassam Tabbara, Upbound Hall 8.1 G3 Intro: Brigade - Radu Matei, Microsoft CC8.27–28 Intro: Telepresence - Richard Li, Datawire Hall 8.0 E1 Treating Network Assets as Scheduleable Resources - Vinothkumar Siddharth, Amazon Hall 8.0 C2 From New Cluster to Insight. Deploying Monitoring and Logging to Kubernetes - Eddie Zaneski, DigitalOcean Hall 8.0 A1 Koping with Change: What kops Learned Adopting etcd3, cluster-api and CRDs - Justin Santa Barbara, Google & Mike Splain, Sonos Hall 8.0 C1 Crafty Requests: Deep Dive Into Kubernetes CVE-2018-1002105 - Ian Coldwater, Heroku Hall 8.0 C4 FaaS is Not Only the Serverless: Stream Processing with Serverless - Jun Makishi & Kensaku Komatsu, NTT Communications Hall 8.0 F5 Service Meshes: At What Cost? - Lee Calcote, Layer5 & Girish Ranganathan, SolarWinds Hall 8.0 B1 Benchmarking Cloud Native Databases Performance on Kubernetes - Iqbal Farabi & Tara Baskara, GO-JEK Hall 8.0 D2

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Meet the Ambassador - Alessandro Vozza, Microsoft CNCF Answer Bar, Sponsor Showcase Meet the Maintainer: CoreDNS- John Belarmic, Google CNCF Answer Bar, Sponsor Showcase Hacking Helm - Paul Czarkowski, Pivotal & Scott Rigby, Codeacademy Hall 8.0 A1 Panel Discussion: Democratizing HPC & AI: Startups Scale Up with Cloud Native - Emily Tanaka-Delgado, Oracle; Charlie Davies, iGeolise; Priya Shah, Sauce; Ant Kennedy, Gapsquare; and Alfonso Santiago, ELEM Hall 8.0 F1 2 Years of TGIKubernetes - Joe Beda, VMware Hall 8.0 D4 Lifecycle of a kubectl Command: Harden Kubernetes Setup with Automation - Sanjary Rahman, Booking.com Hall 8.1 G1 Building Cross-Cloud ML Pipelines with Kubeflow with Spark & Tensorflow - Holden Karau, Google & Trevor Grant, IBM Hall 8.0 C4 Deep Dive Fluent Bit: Logging & Stream Processing - Eduardo Silva, ARM Treasure Data Hall 8.0 E5 Deep Dive: Contributor Experience SIG - Elsie Phillips, Red Hat & Paris Pittman, Google Hall 8.0 E4 Deep Dive: Kubernetes (Instrumentation) SIG - Frederic Branczyk & Max Inden, Red Hat Hall 8.0 E9 Deep Dive: Service Catalog SIG - Jonathan Berkhahn, IBM Hall 8.1 G3 Deep Dive: Virtual Kubelet - Jeremy Rickard, Microsoft & Lei Zhang, Alibaba Cloud Hall 8.0 E1 Intro: Scheduling SIG - Da Ma & Shivram Srivastava, Huawei CC8.27–28 gRPC Load Balancing and Service Mesh - Vishal Powar, Google Hall 8.0 C2 Deep Dive: Kubernetes Metric APIs Using Prometheus - Matthias Loibl & Sergiusz Urbaniak, Red Hat Hall 8.0 B3 The Magic of Kubernetes Self-Healing Capabilities - Saad Ali, Google Hall 8.0 B1 Inside the CNCF Project Security Reviews - Justin Cormack, Docker Hall 8.0 F5 The Serverless Landscape and Event Driven Futures - Dee Kumar, CNCF & Arun Gupta, AWS Hall 8.0 C1 Benefits of a Service Mesh When Integrating Kubernetes with Legacy Services - Stephan Fudeus & David Meder-Marouelli, 1&1 Mail & Media Development & Technology GmbH Hall 8.0 D2 Kubernetes Storage 101 - Jan Šafránek, Red Hat & David Zhu, Google Hall 8.0 F3

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Strategies to "Kubernetify" Legacy Applications - Sai Vennam, IBM Hall 8.0 A1 Deconstructing Apache Hadoop: A Dialogue About a Cloud-Native Refactor - Anu Engineer & Marton Elek, Cloudera Hall 8.0 F1 5 Steps to Building Inclusive Communities - Ashlynn Polini, Docker Hall 8.0 D4 Ready? A Deep Dive into Pod Readiness Gates for Service Health Management - Minhan Xia, Google & Ping Zou, Intuit Hall 8.1 G1 Managing Machine Learning in Production with Kubeflow and DevOps - David Aronchick, Microsoft Hall 8.0 C2 Deep Dive: CLI SIG - Maciej Szulik, Red Hat & Phillip Wittrock, Google CC8.27–28 Deep Dive: CoreDNS - Yong Tang, MobileIron & John Belamaric, Google Hall 8.0 E4 Deep Dive: Harbor - Steven Zou & Daniel Jiang, VMware Hall 8.0 E5 Deep Dive: Kubernetes WG for Multitenancy - Sanjeev Rampal, Cisco & Ryan Bezdicek, Cray, Inc. Hall 8.0 E9 Deep Dive: Scalability SIG - Shyam Jeedigunta, Amazon Web Services & Wojciech Tyczynski, Google Hall 8.1 G2 Deep Dive: SPIFFE - Scott Emmons & Emiliano Bernbaum, Scytale Hall 8.1 G3 Intro: Kubernetes SIG - Da Ma & Zefeng Wang, Huawei Hall 8.0 E1 Reinventing Networking: A Deep Dive into Istio's Multicluster Gateways - Steve Dake, Independent Hall 8.0 B3 What's the Performance Overhead? Answering the Biggest Question in Tracing - Gabriela Soria, Outreachy Hall 8.0 C4 Transparent Chaos Testing with Envoy , Cilium and BPF - Thomas Graf, Isovalent Hall 8.0 C1 Container Forensics: What to Do When Your Cluster is a Cluster - Maya Kaczorowski & Ann Wallace, Google Hall 8.0 B1 Edgility - 5G Orchestration in Serverless-Edge Cloud-Native Environments - Eden Pierre Rozin, AT&T Hall 8.0 F5 Building an Edge Control Plane with Kubernetes and Envoy - Flynn, Datawire Hall 8.0 F3 Large Synoptic Survey Telescope: From Cloud Native to Dark Energy - Fabrice Jammes, LSST Corporation & French National Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics (IN2P3) Hall 8.0 D2

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Infrastructure as Software - Paul Jones, Dyson Hall 8.0 A1 Building Cloud Native GDPR Friendly Systems for Data Collection - Zsolt Homorodi, VTT Hall 8.0 F1 Panel Discussion: Leveraging Cloud Native Technology to Transform Your Enterprise - Cheryl Hung, CNCF; Brad Topol, IBM; Ken Owens, Mastercard; & Jeff Brewer, Intuit Hall 8.0 E9 A Kubernetes Application End-to-End: DevStats - Łukasz Gryglicki, CNCF & Josh Berkus, Red Hat Hall 8.0 D4 Keep the Space Shuttle Flying: Writing Robust Operators - Illya Chekrygin, Upbound Hall 8.1 G1 Large Scale Distributed Deep Learning with Kubernetes Operators - Yuan Tang, Ant Financial & Yong Tang, MobileIron Hall 8.0 D2 Deep Dive: Cloud Native Buildpacks - Terence Lee, Heroku & Stephen Levine, Pivotal Hall 8.0 E1 Deep Dive: Cortex - Tom Wilkie, Grafana Labs & Bryan Boreham, Weaveworks Hall 8.0 E4 Deep Dive: Kubernetes (VMware) SIG - Loc Nguyen & Sidharth Surana, VMware CC8.27–28 Deep Dive: Testing SIG - Benjamin Elder, Google & James Munnelly, Jetstack Hall 8.1 G3 Co-Evolution of Kubernetes and GCP Networking - Purvi Desai & Tim Hockin, Google Hall 8.0 C2 Tracing is More Than Traces: The Insights in Trace Aggregates - Daniela Miao, LightStep Hall 8.0 C4 Migrating South East Asia's Biggest Payments Company to Kubernetes - Akashdeep Singh, GO-JEK & Abhishek Sangwan, MavenHive Technologies Hall 8.0 C1 Smarter Kubernetes Access Control: A Simpler Approach to Auth - Rob Scott, ReactiveOps Hall 8.0 B1 Surviving Serverless Battle By Secure Runtime, CRI and RuntimeClass - Xiaoyu Zhang & Lei Zhang, Alibaba Hall 8.0 F5 Grow with Less Pains - Meshing From Monolith to Microservices - Leo LIang, Cruise Automation Hall 8.0 F3 Improving Availability for Stateful Applications in Kubernetes - Michelle Au, Google Hall 8.0 B3 Intro + Deep Dive: Cloud-Provider SIG - Chris Hoge, OpenStack Foundation, Andrew Sy Kim, VMware & Jago Macleod, Google Hall 8.1 G2

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Managing CRDs and Operators in Practice - Zhen Zhang, Alibaba & Wei Guo, Ant Financial Hall 8.0 F3 10 Ways to Shoot Yourself in the Foot with Kubernetes, #9 Will Surprise You - Laurent Bernaille & Robert Boll, Datadog Hall 8.0 A1 The Spotify Story: Moving from NIH to an Active CNCF Community Member - Jim Haughwout, Spotify Hall 8.0 D4 Extending Knative for Fun and Profit - Matt Moore & Ville Aikas, Google Hall 8.1 G1 The Data Analytics Platform or How to Make Data Science in a Box Possible - Krzysztof Adamski & Rob Keevil, ING Hall 8.0 F1 Deep Dive: Cluster Lifecycle SIG (Kubeadm) - Fabrizio Pandini & Lubomir I. Ivanov, VMware Hall 8.0 E1 Deep Dive: Dragonfly - Jin Zhang, Alibaba Cloud & Haibing Zhou, eBay Hall 8.0 E4 Deep Dive: Kubernetes (PM) SIG - Ihor Dvoretskyi, CNCF & Stephen Augustus, VMware CC8.27–28 Deep Dive: NATS - Waldemar Quevedo, Synadia Communications, Inc Hall 8.0 E9 Deep Dive: TUF / Notary - Justin Cappos & Lukas Puehringer, NYU Hall 8.1 G3 Intro: Kubernetes (AWS) SIG - Justin Santa Barbara, Google Hall 8.0 E5 Going from 5s to 5ms: Benefits of a Node-Local DNSCache - Pavithra Ramesh, Google & Blake Barnett, Postmates Hall 8.0 B3 Fluent Bit: Extending Your Logging Pipeline with Go - Warren Fernandes & Jason Keene, Pivotal Hall 8.0 C4 Panel Discussion: Multi-Tenancy in Kubernetes: Current State and Future Roadmap - Sanjeev Rampal, Cisco; Ryan Bezdicek, Cray Inc.; Erica von Buelow, Red Hat; and Tasha Drew, VMware Hall 8.0 B1 Caller ID in Kubernetes - Michael Danese, Google Hall 8.0 C1 Birds of a Feather: Do You Really Need on Premises Serverless ? - Igor Khapov, IBM Hall 8.0 F5 Securing Cloud Native Communication, From End User to Service - Daniel Bryant, Datawire & Nic Jackson, HashiCorp Hall 8.0 C2 Rook, Ceph, and ARM: A Caffeinated Tutorial - Federico Lucifredi & Sébastien Han, Red Hat Hall 8.0 D2

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