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Tuesday, May 21

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Building Images Efficiently and Securely on Kubernetes with BuildKit - Akihiro Suda, NTT Corporation Hall 8.0 F3 Kubernetes Security and How to Fix K8s Cluster at Scale - Simon Pearce, SysEleven & Sebastian Scheele, Loodse Hall 8.0 B3 Rootless, Reproducible, and Hermetic: Secure Container Build Showdown - Andrew Martin, Control Plane Hall 8.1 G1 Mental Health in Tech - Dr. Jennifer Akullian, Growth Coaching Institute Hall 8.0 C4 Network Machinery: A United-Front for Network Troubleshooting with CRDs - Adel Zaalouk, SAP Hall 8.0 F1 Intro: Autoscaling SIG - Marcin Wielgus, Google Hall 8.0 E1 Intro: CNCF CI - Lucina Stricko & Denver Williams, Vulk Coop & CNCF Hall 8.0 E4 Intro: Cortex - Tom Wilkie, Grafana Labs & Bryan Boreham, Weaveworks Hall 8.0 E5 Intro: Kubernetes (Release) SIG - Tim Pepper, VMware & Claire Laurence, Pivotal Hall 8.0 E9 Intro: Kubernetes WG for Multitenancy - Tasha Drew, VMware Hall 8.1 G3 Intro: Service Catalog SIG - Jonathan Berkhahn, IBM CC8.27–28 Ingress V2 and Multicluster Services - Rohit Ramkumar & Bowei Du, Google Hall 8.0 B1 From Snowflake Servers to Snowflake Clusters - The GitOps Journey - Allison Richardet, Asteris, LLC & Fabio Giannetti, MasterCard Hall 8.0 D2 P2P Docker Image Distribution in Hybrid Cloud Environment with Kraken - Yiran Wang & Cody Gibb, Uber Hall 8.1 G2 Envoy SDS: Fortifying Istio Security - Yonggang Liu & Quanjie Lin, Google Hall 8.0 C2 Istio, We Have a Problem! Understanding and Fixing Bugs with a Service-Mesh - David Gageot, Google Hall 8.0 A1 OpenTelemetry: Panel Discussion and Q&A - Ben Sigelman, LightStep, Morgan McClean & Bogdan Drutu, Google CC7.1 Tutorial: Back to Basics: Hands-On Deployment of Stateful Workloads on Kubernetes - David Zhu, Google & Jan Šafránek, Red Hat (Limited Availability; First-Come, First-Served Basis) Hall 8.0 F5 Tutorial: Bullet-Proof Kubernetes: Learn by Hacking - Luke Bond, ControlPlane & Ana-Maria Calin, Paybase (Limited Availability; First-Come, First-Served Basis) Hall 8.0 C1 Tutorial: Cloud-Agnostic Serverless - Sebastien Goasguen, TriggerMesh (Limited Availability; First-Come, First-Served Basis) Hall 8.0 D4

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Meet The Maintainer: CNI - Bryan Boreham, Weaveworks CNCF Answer Bar, Sponsor Showcase Meet The Maintainer: Jaeger - Juraci Paixão Kröhling, Red Hat CNCF Answer Bar, Sponsor Showcase Scavenging for Reusable Code in the Kubernetes Codebase - Kevin Lingerfelt, Buoyant Hall 8.0 C4 Kubernetes the New Research Platform - Lindsey Tulloch, Brock University & Bob Killen, University of Michigan Hall 8.0 F1 Panel Discussion: GitOps & Best Practices for Cloud Native CI/CD - Allison Richardet, Asteris, LLC; Laura Tacho, CloudBees; Ivan Pedrazas, State Street; Tracy Miranda, CloudBees; and Alexis Richardson, Weavewor... Hall 8.0 A1 Kanary - Automated and Integrated Canary Testing Using CRD and an Operator - David Benque, Amadeus & Cédric Lamorinière, Datadog Hall 8.0 B3 Intro: CLI SIG - Maciej Szulik, Red Hat & Phillip Wittrock, Google Hall 8.0 E1 Intro: CoreDNS - Daniel Garcia, Infoblox & Michael Grosser, Okkur Labs Hall 8.0 E4 Intro: Fluentd - Masahiro Nakagawa, ARM Treasure Data Hall 8.0 E5 Intro: KubeEdge - Cindy Xing, Futurewei & Dejan Bosanac, Red Hat Hall 8.1 G2 Intro: Kubernetes (VMware) SIG - David vonThenen & Steven Wong, VMware Hall 8.0 E9 Intro: NATS - Waldemar Quevedo, Synadia Communications, Inc Hall 8.1 G3 Intro: Testing SIG - Cole Wagner & Aishwarya Sundar, Google CC8.27–28 Authentication and Security in gRPC Microservices - Jan Tattermusch, Google Hall 8.1 G1 Operating kube-apiserver Without Hiccups - Stefan Schimanski & David Eads, Red Hat Hall 8.0 D4 Scale Kubernetes Service Endpoints 100x - Minhan Xia & Wojciech Tyczynski, Google Hall 8.0 C2 Fine-Grained Permissions in Kubernetes: What’s Missing, and How to Fix That - Vallery Lancey, Lyft & Seth McCombs, Triller Hall 8.0 B1 What WePay Learned From Processing Billions of Dollars on GKE Using Linkerd - Mohsen Rezaei, WePay Hall 8.0 F3 OpenTelemetry: Backwards Compatibility with OpenTracing and OpenCensus - Ben Sigelman, LightStep, Bogdan Drutu, Google & Spiros Xanthos, Omnition CC7.1 Tutorial: A Day in the Life of a Cloud Native Developer - Randy Abernethy, RX-M, LLC (Limited Availability; First-Come, First-Served Basis) Hall 8.0 D2 Tutorial: Building Security into Kubernetes Deployment Pipelines - Michael Hough, IBM & Sam Irvine, ControlPlane (Limited Availability; First-Come, First-Served Basis) Hall 8.0 C1 Tutorial: Introduction to Kubeflow Pipelines - Michelle Casbon, Dan Sanche, Dan Anghel, & Michal Zylinski, Google (Limited Availability; First-Come, First-Served Basis) Hall 8.0 F5

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Reproducible Development and Deployment with Bazel and Telepresence - Christian Roggia, Engel & Völkers Technology GmbH Hall 8.0 C2 Laying the Foundation: Real World Kubernetes Deployment Patterns - Josh Rosso & Craig Tracey, VMware Hall 8.0 B1 Streamlining Kubernetes Application CI/CD with Bazel - Gregg Donovan, Etsy.com, Inc. & Chris Love, CNM Consulting Hall 8.0 F3 Panel Discussion: From User to Member: Becoming a Kubernetes Contributor - Jason Murray, iNNOVO Cloud GmbH; Cyrine Jabri, iNNOVO Cloud GmbH; James Munnelly, Jetstack.io; Kris Nova, Independent; and Nikhita Raghunath... Hall 8.0 D4 The Kubernetes Control Plane for Busy People Who Like Pictures - Daniel Smith, Google Hall 8.0 B3 Intro: Cloud Native Buildpacks - Terence Lee, Heroku & Stephen Levine, Pivotal Hall 8.0 E1 Intro: Falco - Jorge Salamero Sanz, Sysdig Hall 8.0 E4 Intro: Harbor - Henry Zhang & Steven Ren, VMware Hall 8.0 E5 Intro: Kubernetes Architecture SIG - Jaice Singer DuMars, Google Hall 8.0 E9 Intro: Open Policy Agent - Rita Zhang, Microsoft & Max Smythe, Google Hall 8.1 G3 Intro: TUF / Notary - Justin Cappos, NYU & Justin Cormack, Docker Hall 8.1 G2 Es-operator: Building an Elasticsearch Operator From the Bottom Up - Mikkel Larsen, Zalando SE Hall 8.1 G1 Portable, Universal Single Sign-On for Your Clusters - Miguel Martinez, Bitnami Hall 8.0 F1 Building an Enterprise-ready Lambda Experience (with Hands-On Demo) - Alexandre González Rodríguez, BBVA Next Technologies & Héctor Rodes López, Adhara Hall 8.0 C4 Istio Multi-Cluster Service Mesh Patterns Explained - Daniel Berg & Ram Vennam, IBM Hall 8.0 A1

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Learn how to Leverage Kubernetes to Support 12 Factor for Enterprise Apps - Brad Topol & Michael Elder, IBM Hall 8.0 B1 Birds of a Feather: Radio Access Network LTE/CBRS Edge - John Studarus, Packet Host Hall 8.0 F1 Kubectl Apply 2019: Defense Against the Dark Arts - Phillip Wittrock & Jennifer Buckley, Google Hall 8.0 B3 KEPs: Evolving Kubernetes at the Speed of Trust - Caleb Miles, Google Hall 8.0 D4 The Multicluster Toolbox - Adrien Trouillaud, Admiralty Hall 8.1 G1 Birds of a Feather: Financial Services User Group - Cheryl Hung, CNCF Hall 8.0 C1 BoF Deep Dive: Chaos Engineering - Sylvain Hellegouarch, ChaosIQ Hall 8.0 F5 Intro: Cluster Lifecycle SIG - Lucas Käldström, Independent & Tim St. Clair, VMware Hall 8.0 E1 Intro: CNCF Security SIG – Sarah Allen & Jeyappragash Jeyakeerthi, Tetrate.io Hall 8.1 G2 Intro: Contributor Experience SIG - Elsie Phillips, Red Hat & Paris Pittman, Google Hall 8.0 E4 Intro: Dragonfly - Allen Sun & Zuozheng Hu, Alibaba Cloud Hall 8.0 E5 Intro: Kubernetes (PM) SIG - Ihor Dvoretskyi, CNCF & Stephen Augustus, VMware CC8.27–28 Intro: Rook - Alexander Trost, Cloudibility & Travis Nielsen, Red Hat Hall 8.1 G3 Intro: Virtual Kubelet - Ria Bhatia, Microsoft & Anubhav Mishra, HashiCorp Hall 8.0 E9 KubeFlow BoF (Birds of a Feather): David Aronchick, Microsoft & Yaron Haviv, Iguazio Hall 8.0 D2 Using K8s Audit Logs to Secure Your Cluster - Mark Stemm, Sysdig Hall 8.0 A1 Using eBPF to Bring Kubernetes-Aware Security to the Linux Kernel - Dan Wendlandt, Isovalent Hall 8.0 C2 Serverless is Interesting But FaaS is Not Enough - Jonas Bonér, Lightbend Inc. Hall 8.0 F3 Panel Discussion: Ask Us Anything: Microservices and Service Mesh - Lin Sun, IBM; Jason McGee, IBM; William Morgan, Buoyant; Zack Butcher, Tetrate; and Louis Ryan, Google Hall 8.0 C4

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